Nov 8, 2013 8:09 AM by Kristen Holloway

S.W.A.T. Part 2: Training Mission

Yesterday we told you the basics about how a S.W.A.T. Team is selected and what they are used for, today we go along on a mission.

As we are with the team in class a call comes in, officers are being called to a building with a man inside with an AK-47, two people are already dead.

This is a training mission but the team knows they could be called to a scene just like this at any moment.

"We could be at home with our families and soon as we get that call that's it, that's part of the requirements knowing that we can be called at anytime," said Capt. Derrick Miles SWAT Team Leader.

St. Landry Parish SWAT officers are on call 24 hours a day. A majority of the team has served in the military including Derrick Miles who has been on the team for 8 years.

"We don't sit back and watch we're never scared but we can fear what can happen," said Miles.

Before the SWAT Team is called to a scene they must know every detail from floor plans, water and electric lines, past history of the suspect and who's involved most importantly if there are children present. Officers say their Intelligence Team is vital to every mission.

"Their job is to gather as much information as they can by surrounding people witness, electronic, internet, without those guys my guys would be in a lot of danger," said SWAT Commander Leon Boudreaux. "While they're negotiating they're also getting intelligence of what he's doing where he's at, what's his mind set."

This team responds to a crisis on average eight -ten times a year.

"We have our own codes and if negotiations are not working, we have no choice but to go in and get him and of course we're going to try to use the minimal amount of force necessary to subdue the subject and get him out safely," said Boudreaux.

"Our role is to complete the mission, number one thing is to save lives," said Miles.

Officers are mandated to attend monthly classes in domestic violence, sexual assault, First-Aid, CPR, narcotic detection, stress management, defensive tactics and more.

This classes help the SWAT Team prepare for real life scenarios that could cause a potential threat to the community or themselves in an active scene.



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