Apr 18, 2012 10:38 PM by Maddie Garrett

Romero Sticks to Claims Against DA, Despite AG's Findings of "No Wrongdoing"

The conflict between Iberia Parish President Errol "Romo" Romero and the District Attorney's Office continues, even after the Attorney General found no wrong-doing by the DA's office.

Romero made two allegations against the DA's office. The first is that the DA is fraudulently paying for its employee's health insurance through parish government. The second is that the DA's office tried to influence people to vote for a certain candidate during the parish president election. Attorney General Buddy Caldwell found both of those allegations to have no merit.

Despite that, Romero is still sticking by his guns and stated that the AG's findings are wrong.

Assistant District Attorney Bofill Duhe said he's not surprised by the Attorney General's findings.

"We don't think it's very fruitful to continue with these allegations by the parish president against us, which according to the attorney general's office have no merit," said Duhe.

The AG said outright "we totally cleared the district attorney's office of any wrong doing whatsoever."

That includes parish government paying for DA's employee health insurance, a common practice approved by the Iberia Parish Government since 1973.

The AG also said the affidavits Parish President Romero presented as evidence of influencing voters were misleading.

Not only does the Attorney General clear the DA's office of any wrongdoing, he also calls into question the parish president's motivation for presenting misleading information.

In fact, AG Caldwell warned Romero in his letter about making unsubstantiated allegations. He cited a State Statute that makes it a felony offense to make false statements or allegations with the intent to cause an investigation.

While Romero declined an interview Wednesday, he released a statement saying he "disagrees with the attorney general's findings and his failure to see, or acknowledge, the improper acts being committed by DA Haney and his office."

"I don't know what else Mr. Romero is seeking from the Attorney General's Office, That's what they were asked to do, they did it they were clear in their findings," replied Duhe.



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