Sep 15, 2010 6:46 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Robley Drive Bridge Open

The Robley Drive Bridge has been a work in progress for over two years, but now the bridge is back in business. It was being rebuilt because it was considered unsafe for drivers.

The Lafayette Consolidated Government, the Vermillion Police Jury and the Louisiana Department of Transportation all pitched in to make the bridge possible. The project cost $924,000.

It links Vermillion Parish to Lafayette Parish.

Even though it's complete, signs of road construction still linger.

Resident Ronald Shell said, "it sure makes it easier for everybody now."

Dave Hebert added, "thank God it's over. I think everyone is going to be happy for that."

Hebert says the bridge will save him thirty minutes on his commute to work.

"I work out at Delcambre and traffic is bad over here on this side because they've been working on the road and you can't get through. It's been hell," he said.

Shell has been taking alternate routes.

He said, "it's a long way to go see the grandkids."

He will be able to save some time now by taking Robley Drive all the way to his grandchildren's house. However, not all residents are excited about the cleared construction.

Tracy Landry lives within feet of the bridge.

She said, "I have young kids that ride their dirt bikes and stuff like that and it was pretty quiet before and no traffic. We had a few turn-a rounds, but nothing major."

Now open lanes, mean more traffic, which Landry sees as a danger to her children's safety.

She explained, "they have boundaries now, strange cars. before we just had locals--neighbors, so they knew they were kids around here."



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