Jul 5, 2013 6:47 PM by Chris Welty

Road to Sainthood is Lengthy

Pope John Paul II will be declared a saint.

Pope Francis signed a decree this morning which clears the late pope for sainthood. It all hinged on a second miracle performed by John Paul II which Pope Francis officially recognized.

The miracle concerned a woman in Costa Rica who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain aneurysm. She prayed to the late pope and Vatican officials say her aneurysm disappeared the same day of John Paul's beatification.

Pope John Paul II captured the hearts of catholics around the world. Gail Abshire says he was pope the majority of her life and was influenced by his spirit and generosity.

"This man is personifying what someone should be in today's world, a saint. It is truly wonderful for our Catholic faith," said Abshire.

From the time of his death, many of the faithful believed John Paul II should become a saint.

"There were signs from the people to canonize him immediately, canonize him now. There was a grassroots effort proclaiming he was a saint, but the church doesn't just listen to that," said Father Gilbert Dutell of St. Edmond Catholic Church.

The church looks for heavenly proof and requires miracles. Once one miracle is confirmed, the candidate is called "blessed." An investigation into the person's writings and work begins, making sure they dedicated their life to faith. Finally, a second miracle is presented to the Pope and once confirmed, the person is recognized as a saint.

"It is a definitive answer on the church's part that we proclaim with assurance that the person is living in heaven with God," said Father Dutell.

He believes John Paul II becoming a saint will reinforce the catholic faith. He says everyone can learn from the way John Paul lived his life.

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