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Jul 11, 2014 8:12 AM by Steven Albritton & Elizabeth Hill

Right Fit: Ragin' Crossfit

Crossfit is arguably the biggest thing happening in fitness today. It's grown in popularity in the past year as a workout that incorporates just about every type of exercise out there.

"The basics of crossfit are running, jumping, rowing, kettle bells, medicine balls, Olympic lifting, gymnastics. It's kind of everything rolled into one," Ragin' Crossfit owner Jeremey Hohle said.

Coming into the gym may look intimidating at first. It's full of free weights, pull up bars, rings and row machines. But, Hohle says, crossfit gyms are welcoming places where it really becomes a family atmosphere where everyone pushes each other to their goals.

"No one's ever going to look at you, point and laugh They're always going to be there helping you get up, cheering you on, helping you to finish a workout, so the community is just awesome," Hohle said.

The workouts themselves are difficult, but differ daily in intensity. Some days you'll go for as many rounds as possible for a set time limit, for three or four different exercises. Other days you'll be timed on how quickly you can finish a workout. The beauty of it all is even if you're a beginner or seasoned vet, there is something for you.

"Everything is scalable. You can modify any movement and any workout for each individual skill level," Hohle said.

Both Hohle and other trainers at the gym express the same thing. Once you get past the initial fear you'll be coming back for more and changing your lifestyle at the same time.

"It is intimidating, but as soon as that person gets here and does that first workout they're fine. Just like anything else you just gotta go in and give it a try or you'll never know," Hohle said.

Everyone who comes into the gym will have to go through a testing phase called the "On Ramp" program. It's a series of scaled workouts where movements and lifts are taught to focus on proper technique. Proper technique leads to fewer to no injuries. 

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