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Aug 23, 2013 8:48 PM by Alex Labat

Restoring the "Bridge" in Breaux Bridge

As the cars travel to-and-fro across Breaux Bridge's namesake, Councilman "Bimmie" Champagne is busy planning the bridge's future.
"We plan on kicking this off in September. We want to make this a total community effort", says Champagne.
The bridge, which is over 63-year-old, requires a fresh coat of paint.
But the restoration and removal of the lead-based paint would cost about $700,000.
"The reason we're doing this privately is we don't want to ask the city for any taxpayer money" says Champagne.
The Chamber of Commerce is hoping the city, and Acadiana, will step up to help bring the bridge back to it's former glory.
They've already landed a corporate sponsor to cover some of the costs.
"100% of all money donated will go towards the restoration, with no money at all being siphoned off for administration", says Chamber of Commerce President Tom Zaunbrecher.
City officials hope that by involving the community, they'll keep the "bridge" in Breaux Bridge, so that locals, and visitors, can enjoy it.
"If it's not functional, it doesn't really matter. As long as it's cosmetically there, they have their bridge", says tourist John Webnar.


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