Jan 2, 2012 6:26 PM by Elizabeth Hill

Resolutions Good for Business

"They coming in already."

Planet Nutrition owner Teddy Seaton says January is just the beginning of peak season.

"everybody is coming out of the holidays, they feelin' fat, they've eaten too much and they really wanna get started on a program."

He says the growth that begins in January will continue through the spring.

"This is harvest time for us, the next four or five months is harvest time."

Gym owners like Red Lerille say they see similar growth starting in January, whether its new memberships or people just showing up more

"They might kick up their programs, do a little extra now cuz we all set those little New Year's goals."

And if you're struggling with where to begin on your new plan to get healthy, Seaton and Lerille say they have all the tools to get you started and stay on track.

"Come see me every month, I'll hold you accountable. That's what we do, we really try to help people from A-Z."

"Don't give up. It's a hard job, it's the hardest job in life to take care of yourself. It gets harder as you get older, so you can't give up."


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