Jun 14, 2013 6:14 PM by Chris Welty

Residents Concerned About Stray Bullets

Residents in one Lafayette Parish neighborhood say stray bullets are becoming a problem. They say this happened at least five times in the past year.

The big question is where are they coming from. The neighborhood is off of Lajaunie Road on the northside of Lafayette. The latest incident happened Tuesday. Less than one mile from that home is the Lafayette Sheriff's shooting range.

The latest bullet hit a shed. Moments earlier, a contractor was on a ladder doing work. He says it's divine intervention he wasn't hit.

"That bullet hole is right there. Chances are, it would have hit me dead in the chest whether or not it would have went through me and killed me, crippled me, or what. I don't know. I was definitely in the line of it."

The property is owned by Kristy Suire who has four kids and is worried about her family's safety. She believes the bullets came from the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office shooting range.

"It's less than a mile from my house and when you pull it up on the map, it's a direct shot from my house to where they're shooting," said Suire.

Feet away, a similar story at the Broussard home. Angel Broussard says several bullets hit her carport last year.

"We don't think someone is purposely trying to cause injury. However, it has to be addressed. This has been one time too many," said Broussard.

With the close proximity to the department's range, the Sheriff's Office has suspended shooting while they investigate. Captain Kip Judice says they should be able to determine if the bullets are theirs.

"The bullet was collected along with the three people who were firing at the range with the same caliber weapon. Those were all sent to the Acadiana Criminalistic Crime Lab for comparison which is very similar to what you'd do in a homicide investigation to determine if that bullet came from that gun," said Judice.

The Sheriff's Office is also searching near the Suire home to see if anyone was shooting. The department also is using a trajectory expert to determine the angle the bullet was fired and how far it traveled. In a preliminary report, the expert says the bullet did not come from the Sheriff's shooting range.

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