Sep 4, 2013 6:27 PM by Chris Welty

Resident Petitioning for Traffic Light

If you've traveled Verot School Road during peak drive times, morning or afternoon, you know it's a traffic nightmare.

The Department of Transportation and Development is hoping to relieve congestion, widening Verot from two lanes to four lanes.

Residents say even with four lanes, traffic will still be dense. They want a traffic light installed at Verot School Road and Vincent Drive to make the intersection safer.

Everyday, more than 20-thousand cars drive through the Verot School Road and Vincent Drive intersection. It's common for traffic to back up during morning and afternoon rush.

"Traffic is horrible, I've seen some near misses and some terrible accidents," said concerned resident Paul Gary.

Minnie Banda-Manuel lives near the intersection and is petitioning DOTD to install a traffic light or make the intersection a four way stop. In 2009, a DOTD study showed there's not enough traffic to warrant a light.

"Some of those request relate those accidents to speeding," said Deidra Druilhet with the Department of Transportation and Development.

The first phase of widening Verot is underway as crews work on drainage and clearing debris. Next year, bids will be taken then new lanes will be built.

"That's going to help address a lot of that congestion there because we're going to treat that particular intersection," said Druilhet.

New turn lanes will be installed, but construction isn't expected to be complete until 2015. That's when the DOTD will study the area again and consider a traffic light.

"In the meantime, what are we supposed to do? Who's going to take responsibility," asked Minnie Banda-Manuel.

The store manager of Heleaux's Grocery at that intersection, says when traffic backs up drivers use the store's parking lot to cut through. He says although deputies patrol and write tickets for taking the shortcut, drivers still do it everyday.

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