Jul 13, 2011 10:36 PM by Maddie Garrett

Relatives Speak Out About Police Shooting Death in New Orleans

Relatives of the New Iberia man shot and killed on Bourbon Street last Sunday are speaking out about the incident, saying they believe there's more to the story and asking for justice for his death.

25-year-old Justin Schaubert was fatally shot early Sunday morning by New Orleans Police after an altercation that started inside a bar and went out into the street.

"He's a father, people don't think about that and they're out here making him like he's some kind of gun slinging lunatic and he's not, he's a great person," said Schaubert's step-mother, Wanda Schaubert.

Police said Justin Schaubert pulled out a gun at a Bourbon Street nightclub after being told to put on a shirt or leave. Bouncers then chased him into the street where there was a struggle and one of the bouncers was grazed by a bullet in the back of the head. Police said Schaubert then shot at a police officer who fired back, killing Schaubert.

"If you're going to look into the background of the police and the way things are handled in the quarter, we have to take a second look at this case to make sure that everything was properly handled," said the Schaubert's attorney, David Groner. "We don't know that, all we have is a short video clip with an official version and yet we're hearing more information and more information that comes out, and you know we're asking for a more complete investigation."

Schaubert's parents and Groner say they believe he was shot several times and that there's more to the story than what police are telling them.

"I feel it's unjustified to be shot so many times," said his father, Jody Schaubert.

"They could have tried tazing him, shoot him in the arm or leg maybe take him down. But to shoot him nine times, that's excessive force, I don't care how you look at it," said Wanda Schaubert.

Relatives have made tee-shirts and necklaces with Justin Schaubert's face on them, not only to remember their loved one, but also as part of their quest for justice.

"Dead or alive I am going to protect my children, I do plan to get to the bottom of this, for his children's sake and for him to be able to rest in peace," said Wanda Schaubert.

They're now asking the public for any information or video that shows what happened to Schaubert that night.

"We need more information, it is not complete as it is," said Groner.

"Please come forward and help us just clear his name, that's all we ask. We just want justice for Justin," said Justin's parents.

If anyone has information or video from Sunday morning at Bourbon Street Blues Company nightclub in the 400 block of Bourbon, they're asked to contact Groner's office:
230 W. Main Street, New Iberia, LA.
Phone number: (337)364-3629

Funeral services for Justin Schaubert will be held Thursday from 5:00 p.m. To 9:00 p.m. at Acadian Funeral Home. The burial will take place Friday at 10:00 a.m. at Memorial Park in New Iberia.



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