May 27, 2013 7:37 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Reallocating Cajundome Funds?

A historic Lafayette landmark is getting closer to receiving a long-needed face-lift.

Today state lawmakers debated legislation that would take a portion of the "Hotel Motel Tax" and funnel it to the old Holy Rosary Institute.

But there's a bit of an issue...The money would have to be taken away from the Cajundome funding.

Here's the break-down: The Cajundome now gets about 2.8 million from the Hotel-Motel Tax.

If this bill is signed into law, any money the tax generates above that amount would go to Holy Rosary.

That's after a new amendment was drafted by Senator Joel Robideaux to ensure the Cajundome got all the money they usually get.

But there are still some issues surrounding this reallocation of money. The Cajundome counts on at least 2.8 million dollars a year from the state to maintain its 28-year-old building. It's all apart of a maintenance plan that was put together roughly five years ago, and changes in funding would create a challenge.

"Yes it would...We would have to revise the plan," Director of the Cajundome Greg Davis said.

Legislation proposed by Representative Vincent Pierre would redistribute no more than $200,000 dollars per year from the Cajundome for Holy Rosary Institute renovations.

Although the Cajundome is guaranteed 2.8 million, they were anticipating more due to the previous years numbers... And factored that into their budget for the next ten years.

"We have a roofing system that's about 30 years old, at some point we would have to replace that. That's a very good example of a program that's in the 10 year plan," Davis said.

Davis, a graduate of Holy Rosary, is not against renovating the historical institution--which will take about 6 million to complete. But he says he's advising what could happen if the legislation passes.

"I'm not in Baton Rouge, advocating one thing or the other. You know it's my responsibility to make sure that the Cajundome commission is aware of the impact," said Davis.



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