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Sep 27, 2013 11:06 PM by Erin Steuber

Rap Trio Speaks Out About Controversy in Vermilion Parish Classroom

A Chicago based rap group is speaking out about the recent controversy surrounding their rap song making an appearance in a Vermillion Parish classroom. As we told you last week a mother was outraged when she saw that her 9-year-old son's homework contained the word "pimp."

It's an incident the superintendent says was contained to just one class at Eaton Park Elementary, but the rap trio, Do or Die, says they're honored their song "Po Pimp" was part of the fourth grade assignment. They have even said they are willing to come speak to the parents, students and staff here in Louisiana.

It's a song that climbed the charts in the mid-90's, but this hit is now the center of controversy in a Vermillion Parish classroom.

"I don't send my son to school to learn these type of life lessons. Especially at the age of nine," said Brittney Badeaux.

Do or Die's chart topper "Po Pimp" was used in reference to rapper Twista on a fourth grader's homework. And the rap trio sees nothing wrong with it.

"If my kid came to me and asked me what's a pimp, I'm going to explain that to them," said Rapper AK. "At the end of the day if he knows what it is, or she knows what it is, I did my part. Now they know what it is and they're not ignorant to what a pimp is."

AK says music, in any form, should be used to help educate students, and in the case of their song, "pimp" has another meaning.

"Personally inspiring many people," said AK. "Then beyond that you have all these things saying pimp ride and things of that nature. It wasn't meant to be negative, it was meant to be used in a positive way."

But the district doesn't see it that way, and the worksheet has since been pulled.

"What was sent home was wrong, I admit that," said Vermillion Superintendent Jerome Puyau. "But we give complete autonomy to our teachers, who was going to take the fall? I took the heat but now that is my rock I'm building upon."

"Look at it like this. Yes it's your child and you're supposed to protect them, but don't over protect to the point that they don't understand what's going on around them," said AK.



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