Sep 1, 2010 7:42 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Rally for Jobs in Texas

Three rallies against the drilling moratorium took place in Texas today. Corpus Christi, Port Arthur and Houston all held rallies simultaneously. A few hundred gathered at one in Port Arthur, Texas.

Port Arthur resident, Ed Cadena said, "it is important that we speak up because we are part of American industry and we are here. We are here for the long term and we are investing for the long term."

Bruce Conque of the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce spoke at the rally.

He said, "these folks deal mainly with the refining of that petroleum product, but we still have a similar concern. All of our jobs our tied to the energy industry."

After three months of the drilling moratorium being in place, Conque says it's starting to hurt the nations economy.

Conque explained, "It is as we feared, it is impacting jobs not only in Louisiana, in Texas , in Mississippi and Alabama."

Brandi Anderson attended the rally. She is a supervisor at a branch of Acadian Ambulance Service in Texas. Anderson said the moratorium directly effects her company.

"We have a lot of paramedics that we provide on oil rigs, so its cutting in for our business also," she said.

She said it's her duty to come out and support rallies against the moratorium. She explained she wants to, "help people in this community. Whether its medical or to have a voice."

More rallies are scheduled to take place in New Mexico, Illinois, Ohio and Colorado.



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