Jul 30, 2014 8:06 AM by Elizabeth Hill

Prostate MRI offers accurate, non-invasive alternative for screening

"They told me something was going on, but they couldn't determine what."

In 2010 Percy Arthur had a prostate biopsy that revealed something of concern.

"We see a lot of patients that have gone through multiple rounds of biopsies, continuing rising PSA, and clinical suspicion of cancer, but yet their frustrated they don't get a diagnosis of cancer."

Diagnostic radiologist Dr. Jeremy Laborde says cases like Arthur's are common. Traditional methods of screening often can't find the cancer if it's located out of reach of the biopsy needle.

"Multi-parametric prostate MRI is the first technique we have where we can actually see the prostate cancer and we're not limited by where the prostate cancer is."

"I jumped to it just to see what was going on."

As his symptoms persisted for nearly four years without a diagnosis, Arthur decided to try the MRI. It revealed a small lesion he has since had removed.

"Sometimes in these patients we find that cancer is either far anterior or in a location that's not easily sampled by biopsy, so we've developed a network of physicians who rely on us to offer this."

Because it is non-invasive and more accurate, Laborde says this MRI is becoming the preferred method of screening and many patients are starting to ask for it first before trying other, traditional diagnostic tests. Right now, Lourdes is the only hospital in the region with this technology.

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