Mar 25, 2013 12:23 AM by Alex Labat

Principal's Letter Prompts Student Teacher's Rebuttal

Derrick Comeaux has read the written explanation of his removal from Carencro High School by Principal Ken Roebuck last week...and he's not buying it.

"I do not believe his reasoning to be legitimate and accurate. In fact there's a number of instances in his letter of inaccuracies and exaggeration", says Comeaux.

Comeaux is taking issue with what Principal Roebuck says is the lone reason for his removal.

Comeaux reads from Roebucks letter, stating , "In Mr. Comeaux's speech to the public, he declared that it was his intention, "that if any student on my campus laid a hand on him, then he would have to take matters into his own hands."

The Carencro Principal goes on to say, "This is an implied threat. It is a matter of public record."

We played back what Comeaux said Wednesday night, "And I also told them that if that student had put his hands on me...then we would have addressed it in another manner."

We allowed him to respond. He says, "Many people on that campus know that action meant going and getting a restraining order...not physically putting my hands on the student."

Comeaux hopes his removal from one campus doesn't prevent him from one day teaching at another.

"Will that happen? Is a good question and it remains to be seen," says Comeaux.



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