Mar 25, 2013 11:57 PM by Steven Albritton

Principal Investigating Why Private Information Leaked

In a letter to the Lafayette Parish School Administration , Carencro High School Principal Ken Roebuck blasts board member Mark Babineaux accusing him of releasing a student's behavior plan to the media. Doing so is a federal violation.

He states in the letter, "it is my understanding that Mr. Babineaux is in possession of confidential material about one of my students. I do not know how he received a behavior plan that was written for a student on my campus, but this has severely compromised the counselor/student relationship. Since Mr. Babineaux, a lawyer, chose to reveal to the media a document that is protected by federal law to the media, I will have to investigate how he obtained this document."

"The accusation is a little bit bizarre. I don't know where he would have gotten the suspicion that I would be in possession of it in the first place," School Board Member Mark Babineaux said.

Babineux says he did no such thing and says school board members do not have access to the document in question.

"I was at a meeting at the school board, first thing in the morning there, so I wouldn't have had an opportunity to acquire that document anyway," he said.

Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper says the document released was about a special needs student and he's not happy it was released, let alone put on television by a different station.

"We have to find out how that was released because it's confidential information and it shouldn't have been released. I have no idea who released it. I have no indication that Mr. Babineaux had anything to do with it, but we'll find out," Dr. Cooper said.

Cooper has asked Carencro High Princpal Ken Roebuck to investigate how this private information was leaked.


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