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Aug 9, 2013 8:29 PM by Alex Labat

Preserving Erath, Picture by Picture

In his small home office, Robert Vincent is in the middle of a very big project.
He's scanning in photos from the Acadian Museum in Erath.
Every picture, unique.
Every picture, scanned and digitized.
Every picture, with a story to tell.
"Once you see that picture, it shows that this is where we came from, this is what these people went through, this is what they're talking about. I can tell that story, but that picture just enhances it", says Vincent.
The pictures date back to 1899, when Erath was founded, and even though the town's only been around 114 years, it's seen it's fair share of historical events.
Vincent says, "Theres been a lot of tragic history, but all these tragedies which we now have preserved digitally on these photos, help make Erath what it is today."
Vincent has started a Facebook page called "Erath Echoes" so others can view and tag the photos.
It's one of a number of measures to ensure the photos are backed up and preserved.
"We're going to put them on an external hard drive and put that into a safety deposit box at the bank. So there will be 4 different locations where these pictures will be held", says Vincent.
He says he hopes others in the city come forward with their photos, so that future generations can know the glory, and the story, of a little town named Erath.


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