Tracking the Tropics

Aug 16, 2013 3:39 PM by Daniel Phillips/Rob Perillo

Potential Tropical System Eyes the U.S. Gulf Coast

Over the past few days the weather team has been keeping an eye on a disorganized system by the Yucatan Peninsula. Models are starting to come in to general agreement that this system will become tropical in nature, or at least a hybrid system and could possibly make landfall as Tropical Storm Fernand.

Areas that will want to start monitoring the progress of this storm stretch from about New Orleans to south Texas. This of course puts Acadiana right in the middle of the potential landing point for this storm.

Although, not expected to become a hurricane, models are calling for some intensification to tropical storm status over the next few days. This means a potential landfall from Sunday into Monday. Even if the system hits the mid Texas coast this will certainly cause an increase in tides along the coast, with tropical rain bands possible.

This has been a tough storm to pin down and forecast, as models have been all over the place, but since it could be rather quick moving it will be good to make sure you're prepared for the event of a landfall.

Although the level of threat to Louisiana remains unclear, systems like this can become dangerous in a short period of time and should be taken seriously, of course we will work to make sure you get all the latest forecast information.


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