May 24, 2012 11:42 PM by Maddie Garrett

Police: Tip Lines Full, Still No Clear Lead in Case of Mickey Shunick

The whereabouts of missing UL student Mickey Shunick remains a mystery as the search carried over into the sixth day. As the search continues across Acadiana and beyond, police said they still have no clear lead in the case.

Both Lafayette Police and the private investigator, hired by an anonymous donor, said what's strange about this case is the lack of evidence. Mickey seemed to have vanished without a trace, and so far no solid information on what happened to her has surfaced.

"Naturally we're getting a lot of calls, almost 24 hours per day," said Private Investigator John Abdell.

"At one time we were receiving about 20 tips an hour," said Corporal Paul Mouton, Public Information Office for the Lafayette Police Department.

Tips, suggestions, even pyschic visions are all flooding the tip lines of Lafayette Police and at Abdell's office.

"90% of it is speculation," said Abdell. "However it may be something that you can use and we can't leave a stone unturned."

At this point investigators said any call, however credible, must be taken seriously.

"Regardless of what that tip has on it, if we're able to follow up and check it because you never know, that one tip could provide that shred of information or that evidence that could lead this investigation into a direction that we can find mickey," explained Mouton.

But so far, nothing substantial has come through on the tip lines.

"Unfortunately we still don't have a piece of information or a piece of evidence that can actually point this investigation in a general direction or not," said Mouton.

The frustration is mounting, with no trace of Mickey.

"There's no video surveillance. Once she left that house as it was reported we cannot find any direction or information as to what happened after that point. Usually there's a trail by phone records, or there's a trail by credit card or there's trail by video surveillance capturing where someone traveled, that's probably the most frustrating thing," said Mouton.

Mouton said they do have surveillance video of Mickey and friend Brettly Wilson at the Taco Bell on Congress Street the night she disappeared. Mouton said the video does correlate with Wilson's account of that night, that the two went through the drive through before possibly going back to his house on Ryan Street.

Police are asking anyone in the city of Lafayette who might have surveillance video of the night Mickey disappeared, May 18th, to please check the video and forward any information on to police.



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