May 2, 2013 6:31 PM by Chris Welty

Police Looking for Clues into Pressure Cooker Bomb Threat

The search is on for whoever threatened to blow up Broussard Middle School using a pressure cooker bomb.

The campus is on South Morgan Street off the Amabassador Caffery Extension. Around 9:30 Thursday morning, Broussard Police evacuated students to a nearby church.

After a two hour search, nothing was found and students were let back inside.

Haz-mat, dogs, and dozens of officers combed Broussard Middle School's campus searching for any sign of a bomb.

Students evacuated one and a half miles away to First Baptist Church. News of the threat was kept from students so they would stay calm.

"Once we got to the church and realized how far it was, it was like this isn't a drill," said Broussard Middle Student Trevor Carpentor.

"A lot of kids were calling their parents on my mom's phone or other parent's phones," said seventh grader Alyssa Dejean.

Though Broussard Middle was given the all clear, many parents checked students out of school.

"I couldn't get ahold of the school, the school board or anybody who knew what was going on," said Sarah Walker.

She has two seventh graders and says knowing they're safe with her puts her mind at ease.

Parents hold their kids tighter as they seek answers.

"What's wrong with the world? Are people stupid? Why do you want to blow up a school full of innocent children?" asked Mary Carlson as she picked up her two grandkids.

Lafayette Parish Schools Spokesperson Angela Morrison tells KATC protocol can change depending on the level of the threat.

She says because they received "a very specific type of bomb allegedly on campus, Broussard Middle administrators followed the advice of Broussard Police to evacuate from school grounds."

Morisson says a "PACE" call was sent to parents notifying them of the situation. She says if parents didn't receive the notification, those parents should call Broussard Middle.

Morrison also says Thursday will be counted as an excused absence for students who were checked out or missed school at Broussard Middle.

Chris Welty


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