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Sep 21, 2011 12:07 AM by Jim Hummel

Players Disciplined Over Jamboree Hit

Three Carencro youth football players are suspended for three games over a hit that raised eyebrows with some parents.  The hit came at a youth football jamboree in Lafayette over the weekend between the Carencro Area of Youth Sports, Inc. (CAYSI) team and the Broussard Youngsville Youth Association (BYYA) football team.

In video recorded by the BYYA team, several members of the CAYSI team can be seen charging at several players on the BYYA team, apparently before the play was set.  As a result of the incident, a 10 year old boy on the BYYA team was sent to the hospital with internal bruising.  He's since been released, and is expected to be just fine.

"From what I've seen, they did jump offsides, yes they did, was it [flagrant] enough to hand down a three game suspension? No it wasn't," said CAYSI coach Ryan Leger.

"Our organization will appeal it, we do think it's not fair that three innocent 10 year old kids get punished for being aggressive on defense," said Leger, who was under investigation himself.

Among others, several BYYA parents accused Leger of having something to do with the hit.  BYYA parents told KATC that someone from the CAYSI sidelines approached them, saying they overheard Coach Leger telling his players to intentionally hurt the other team.  The BYYA parents would not identify that individual, saying he/she wanted to remain anonymous.

"We could not find any evidence," said Gerald Boudreaux, director of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Boudreaux says the most damning accusations against Leger came from individuals who would only formally complain, so long as they remained anonymous, which he would not allow.  Boudreaux did issue a reprimand against the CAYSI coaching staff, to remind them that they are accountable for the actions and behavior of their players.

"Any further action of this kind or any other unsportsmanlike conduct by a team member or coach will be reviewed and appropriate disciplinary action will be applied by the Parks and Recreation Department," Boudreaux wrote in a statement.

Broussard coach Vance Roberts declined an on-camera interview Tuesday, but added that he and others were disappointed with the disciplinary action that was taken; they don't think it was enough.


Jim Hummel



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