Jun 20, 2012 11:06 AM by Cecilia Stevenson

Pets 6/20/12: Patriotic Adoption Friday

June 29 is Patriotic Adoption Friday. The vols treat adopters to a special time. Adopters always get a special gift.


Deep plastic bowl of water, metal absorbs heat.

Doghouse under trees.

Tarp over kennel. Tarp over another type of area.

Baby pool of water, lab-type dogs love it.


Fan on covered patio.

Battery operated camping fan in fenced area, hook to fence, use rechargeable batteries (not during rain).

Frozen water bottles placed in favorite areas. My dogs bury them to make the dirt cooler.

Bamboo shades in carport to adjust.

Canine cooler bed,, about $50 or more.



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