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Aug 28, 2013 6:28 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Person Of Interest In An Acadia Parish Murder Must Stay Away From Family

The mother of a murdered 20-year-old woman from Acadia Parish, faced the person of interest in the case today in court. It was one week ago, when Skylar Credeur was killed in her home in Rayne.  Her body was found in a bath-tub.

The person of interest is Skylar's step-father, 43-year-old Kerry Bertrand. Deputies say he was found hiding in the attic of the home the day she was killed. Bertrand has been booked on molestation charges, and for allegedly violating retraining orders Skylar and her mother had filed against him.

Even though Kerry Bertrand is behind bars, Skylar's mother Alidia Bertrand, still went forward with her protective order hearing against her husband Kerry. She originally filed it on August 15th, three days after he got out of jail.

Alidia Bertrand faced her husband and proceeded with the court hearing today via teleconference. Judge Gale Luquette said Kerry Bertrand expressed that he wanted to be in court, but Judge Luquette said no.

KATC's Allison Bourne-Vanneck was asked to not attend the hearing to protect the family's privacy. However afterwards, the clerk's office immediately provided court minutes of what happened behind closed doors.

According to the documents all of the allegations against Kerry Bertrand in the restraining order were read out loud to him. In the restraining order, Alidia Bertrand writes, "Since being released from jail on the 12th of August, he came to the home and my children were scared." She adds "He has used force when angry with the children. He uses manipulation on me."

Kerry Bertrand was asked in court whether he admits or denies the allegations. However, he was advised by his attorney to invoke his Constitutional right to not answer the question.

With that decision, the protective order was granted. Kerry Bertrand was ordered for 18 months to stay away from the family home, his wife's employment, the children's schools, and the cemetary where Skylar is buried. Alidida also received custody of all four children.

The protective order filed by Skylar was also passed, but without a date because she is deceased.



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