Mar 3, 2011 11:29 PM by Maddie Garrett

Pellet Gun at Elementary School Over 24 Hours

A pellet hand gun winds up on an elementary school campus, but the most troubling fact is how long it had been there.

Lafayette Police said a ten-year-old boy brought a pellet gun to Prairie Elementary on Tuesday and even showed it off to some classmates. But it wasn't until Wednesday that teachers even knew about the gun and were able to find it.

"Several students on campus had been talking about it but of course the faculty didn't find that out until Wednesday," said Sgt. Mark Francis with the Lafayette Police Department.

Francis said not one student came forward and mentioned the gun until Wednesday morning, approximately 24 hours after the gun had been brought to school.

"We believe that they (students) knew that it was a BB gun and not a real handgun so they kind of down played it," said Francis.

Francis said the student had hidden the gun on campus Tuesday. After Prairie Elementary Principal Gwen Lewis learned about the weapon on campus, she and other faculty searched the school, found the gun and called police.

The school also sent a note home to parents Wednesday, notifying them about the incident. Tiffany Pellegrin said she was shocked when she read the note her daughter had brought home, and wished the school would have called or texted parents earlier.

"It's very upsetting to know that another student brought that and the parents didn't know nothing about it," said Pellegrin.

Francis said Lafayette Police are working with the schools, to make sure students understand that any kind of weapon on campus is serious.

"Make them aware that this is very dangerous, it is criminal and when you do see something like this it's very important that you report it," he said.

In Prairie Elementary's letter, the principal also asked parents to sit down with their kids to talk about what happened, something Pellegrin said she already did.

"I told her even if it's a play toy you should still tell teachers or somebody," said Pellegrin.

No students were injured, police do not believe the student fired the pellet gun at school. But the student is being charged as a juvenile and the case will go to juvenile court.



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