Oct 31, 2013 7:36 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Pecan Island School Lodge

What used to be a school in Vermillion Parish has transformed into something very different.

The old Pecan Island School has a new purpose. The school opened in 1962, but after dwindling school enrollment it closed in 2005.

In the school's main building, there are pillars with colorful student hand-prints, chalkboards, and murals. It seems like school could still be in session.

"It was a school at one time," David John, co-owner of Pecan Island School Lodge, said. "Like you see as some of this area, we've kept a lot of the school stuff intact."

What used to be a school is now a lodge, which will open at the start of hunting season. The old cafeteria is the new dining area, and classrooms have been renovated into bedrooms. One classroom has even been turned into a mud room for hunters.

"It's a place where you can fish in the front of the school, you can fish behind the school. There's a great duck-hunting area, and just very relaxing," John said.

Hosting trade shows is also a possibility at the Pecan Island School Lodge. It's kept the school's basketball gym to give groups that option if they choose.

"That's one of the ideas that perhaps people are looking at Pecan Island School Lodge, whether it's a retreat, specialty meetings with corporations," said Mary Ellen Henry, marketing director of Pecan Island School Lodge. "They also could have their vendors set up in the gym and allow their co-workers and other customers to come down and take a look at their new products that they may have," she said.

"I enjoy the task of you know taking something old, and renovating it but updating it where it's you know it's today's standards," John said.

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