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Feb 28, 2014 9:54 PM by Kristen Holloway

Parents of Opelousas Child Speak to KATC

At Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, 5 year old Jon'qualon Pitre is clinging to life with his parents at his side.

It's a nightmare that started Thursday night. Shawndrea and Benjamin Pitre say, "We were approaching the house; I [saw] my son at the end of the road and I don't let them play outside, so I was like why is he standing by the road."

Shawndrea Pitre says her other son, 7-year-old Ja'qualon, was crying while trying to flag down cars.

"My little boy was like 'he bleeding, he bleeding, he got shot,' so when I went up to see what was going on he was just laying down on the ground," says Shawndrea.

She says Jon'qualon is an honor student with straight A's, and was just talking about going to college two days ago.

She adds he liked school, he loved everybody, he liked joking around and being a bigger brother to his little sister and new brother. He was a good kid and everybody loved him.

The parents add the bullet went in his head and it's still there. They say they can't do anything surgically to remove it since the bullet went in, it shattered and damaged his brain badly.

The family says they forgive whoever is responsible, and they're hoping for the best.

Jon'qualon's parents say, "I just want him to come home because my 7 year old have to live with that, seeing that and me coming home to him stretched out on the ground."


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