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Aug 23, 2011 11:10 PM by Maddie Garrett

Parents: Jennings HS Not Doing Enough in Assault Incident

A 13-year-old boy was assaulted at a Jennings football game, and now his parents say school leaders aren't doing enough about it. So they have now involved police.

Thursday night at Jerry Simmons Stadium, there was an altercation between a 15-year-old student and Annette Ewing's son.

"When my son went to walk away he hit him in the nose, supposedly he had a padlock on his hand wrapped in a bandanna. My son suffered a broken nose and a concussion," said Ewing.

Ewing said when police tried to get involved, the principal told them no.

"The police did go and he told them to leave the facility," she said.

But Principal Benjamin Oustelet said the school handled the incident internally, and there was no need for police.

"We had a thorough investigation... I followed parish and school policies and we handled it from there," explained Oustalet.

Because the incident happened on school property and between students, the school can choose to handle the investigation itself. But that doesn't mean police won't get involved.

Annette Ewing filed a report with Jennings Police that Thursday night, after taking her son to the hospital. Jennings Police Chief Todd D'Albor said they are looking into the matter and will get involved if necessary.

"I know that the sergeant that oversees my investigation section has a copy of the report, he has planned to send investigators to the school tomorrow morning to follow up and see where police attention is needed," said D'Albor

But the student's father, Jesse Ewing, thinks the police might be too late, because they didn't determine if a padlock was actually used the night of the incident.

"And it would have been very important to find, to locate that weapon because now he'll probably just be charged with battery, to where if we would have found that weapon it would have been 2nd degree battery. Now it's the kid's word against my son and we have no weapon," explained Ewing.

The other student did receive two days suspension, but the Ewings say the bullying has now carried over onto Facebook. They said they would like to see more action taken against their son's assailant.

"It upsets me, because the school is not doing their part in protecting our children," said Annette Ewing.



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