May 5, 2014 8:15 PM by Dave Fields

Owner of company named in LCG red light camera suit speaks out

The owner of a company Lafayette Consolidated Government targeted by a lawsuit to collect unpaid SafeLight/Safespeed fines said that, until earlier today, he was unaware that he was being sued.

Stan McNabb, owner of McNabb Rehabilitation Services, said that the suit was "news" to him.

"I haven't been served with anything," said McNabb.

"I've consulted two judges and three lawyers. In their opinion, this is not a legal debt in Louisiana. Just a picture of a car does not constitute a legal debt in Louisiana," said McNabb.

McNabb said, now that his name had been published by The Advertiser, he welcomed the opportunity to get his perspective out there about the red light camera system currently in place.

"In America you are innocent until you are proven guilty. The Safelight/Safespeed program assumes that you are guilty until you are proven innocent. That's not the American way," asserted McNabb.

Lafayette Consolidated Government is suing one company and two private individuals to collect on unpaid violations of the city's SafeLight/SafeSpeed program.

McNabb said that he even tried to work with Red Flex about the alleged violations against his company.

"Hal Burke, an attorney collecting for Safelight, contacted me about 3 or 4 times last three months. I made a written offer by fax three to six weeks ago and have not heard back," McNabb explained.



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