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Jun 11, 2014 8:05 PM by Ashlea Bullington

Original Video of Pampered Paws Alleged Animal Cruelty

The Pampered Paws owner, Michelle Jeanmard, as well as her daughter, were issued a misdemeanor summons, on a charge of cruelty to animals. The woman who says she took the videos has identified herself as another daughter of Jeanmard.

Jeanmard told KATC in an interview that the video had been altered, edited, and was manipulated in order to slander her name and business. For this reason, the daughter came to KATC with the original videos, taken allegedly inside of Pampered Pets. The woman says she does not want this to be slander. She says she is just looking out for the safety of the pets put into the business' care.

She told us she first went to animal control with audio recordings back in November, and was told visual proof was needed before action could be taken. This is when she started secretly taking video inside the business, until she quit working in December. She says since no one was taking action, she and another former employee decided to take the video to YouTube.

Thousands of views later, and a flood of calls to Lafayette Animal Shelter, Animal Control Supervisor Virginia Lee knew they had to take action and look further into the business.

"Striking an animal in this fashion does appear to be cruelty to animals in our opinion. So, that is why we issued citation," said Lee.

The owner of Pampered Paws maintains her innocence, saying although the video does look bad, it's taken out of context and not a true representation of what happens inside her business.

She invites anyone with questions for her to come to the business and she'll respond honestly and openly to their concerns.

To see the original videos (click here) to be taken to KATC's YouTube channel.



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