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Sep 23, 2013 8:05 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Opelousas High School Riot, Parents Speak

The school day at Opelousas High School began with a riot, according to Opelousas Police Department. Police say early this morning, they received a call about a fight and all units were dispatched to the school. Police say there were minor injuries, and the incident was gang-related.  According to police, 18 students were arrested, and they're expecting to charge to least 15 of them.

As police continue their investigation, concerned parents went to Opelousas High to pull their children out for the day. Some students were outside the school, patiently waiting as their parents spoke to police about the riot.

"I was walking by the vending machine, then I looked to my right and I just see a crowd of people like, just fighting, it was crazy," Opelousas High School Sophomore Ty Oakley, said.

Fifteen-year-old Oakley says the school was put on lockdown. He and other students were all sent to classrooms and told to stay there.

"It's shocking but at the same time, it was predictable because the type of students we have, just come to school just to fight," Oakley said.

"It's just too much going on, the kids can't even come to school to learn and be in a safe environment," Ty's mother, Latasha Oakley said.

After the riot, several officers remained on campus, ensuring school safety. Regardless, dozens of parents weren't taking any chances.

"It really freaked me out when I heard about this, so my concern was just to come get him until this is settled. I'm sure everything is going to be alright tomorrow but for now, I'd rather have him at home," Donald Thomas, whose grandson goes to Opelousas High School, said.

"I hope what ever went on is settled and it's dealt with, because I hate to come here and just start my own riot, because that's my daughter and I'm not having it," Katina Authorlee, whose daughter is a Freshman at Opelousas High School, said.

"It's just crazy it's terrible. And it's just time for a change, all this B.S. it just don't make sense," Authorlee said.

While many parents came to get their children, St. Landry Parish Superintendent Edward Brown was on campus after the riot. He says the school system is addressing each parent's concern as the calls come in, and officers will remain at the school.

"We are going to do everything in our power to make sure that your children are safe, and that they get the education that you send them here for. So for those parents that did check their students out, I'm in hopes that they will send them to school tomorrow and it will be business as usual," Superintendent Edward Brown said.



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