Jun 5, 2013 9:40 AM by Dave Baker

Oklahoma Tornado Breaks Record

The May 31st tornado that raced across central Oklahoma near the town of El Reno has been classified as an EF-5 tornado with winds over 200mph.  Mobile radar shows this tornado had peak winds of 296 mph and a width of 2.6 miles.  This breaks the old record of 2.5 miles set back in 2004 in Nebraska.  

This is the same storm that killed three respected tornado researchers and others in its path.  The tornado was on the ground for over 16 miles lasting for nearly 45 minutes.  Because of the width, and visibility due to rain, some in the path of the storm may have not recognized it as a tornado.

This was the second EF-5 tornado in Oklahoma this May.  Only 14 Oklahoma tornadoes have been confirmed to have F-5 or EF-5 strength since 1905.  The Enhanced Fujita Scale (EF-0-5) was introduced in 2007.

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