May 24, 2013 6:53 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Oklahoma Relief Efforts, Acadiana Donations

FEMA teams are on the ground in Moore, Oklahoma this evening, surveying damage and talking to tornado survivors.

The Oklahoma Senate approved a bill to provide tax breaks to property owners who suffered losses in the storm.

The bill also provides sales tax breaks for businesses that donate inventory to help storm victims rebuild.

So many people in Acadiana understand what it's like for mother nature to turn your life upside down. For that reason, a steady stream of supplies are being dropped off at donation sites all over Acadiana for Oklahoma relief efforts.

Johnathan Duhon has family in Oklahoma who are dealing with the tornados aftermath. He and his friends are on their way to help, but so overloaded with supplies a drop off at BTI Services was a must.

"I think it's really important, I mean you saw the same way people helped out people in Louisiana with Katrina. And you know, when people lose everything it's something we can't imagine so I think it's just really important to just be there, and the more we can do the better," Johnathan Duhon said.

Their donations are among many...Boxes with clothes for big kids, and little ones....Tooth-brushes...and messages of hope.

"If you don't have the money, that's fine. Money they desperately need, but they also need everything else. You don't even realize, you know, every little thing that you use on a daily basis, that these people have none of this," Sharon Richard said, who dropped off supplies at BTI Services.

As donations are dropped off, volunteers are loading up supplies into as many trailers as possible. And as soon as they're filled up, they go straight to Oklahoma.

"So far since Wednesday, we got one trailer filled..loaded up. That's getting ready to go over to Conway to get ready for shipment, they're going to bring another trailer over and we're probably pretty close to filling that one up," Joe Tyrell who works at BTI Services said.

BTI Services is just one out of many donation sites in Acadiana. Over at HIS Fire and Safety" in Delcambre, boxes and supplies are also being dropped off.

The company is using a portion of its warehouse to collect items for Oklahoma, and they're taking all their donations to there next week.

"When I saw the devastation on Monday on the news I knew right away what I wanted to do," Hughes Desormeaux, owner of HIS Fire and Safety, said.

"As easy as it is for me to want to do it, I need the support of the public and the businesses out there to help us get this accomplished. And they have more than supplied us with plenty...Not only monetary donations but just all different food, bathroom, just everything," he said.



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