Jan 10, 2013 10:40 PM by Erin Steuber

Officials Urging those Living Along Mermentau River to Evacuate

Now that the worst of this storm has passed, the question is where is all that water headed. Back-water flooding could be an issue. The National Weather Service has advised low lying areas along the Mermentau river to evacuate.

In Castex Landing, east of Jennings, it is still raining. It's one of the areas most at risk for more flooding over the next two days. The National Weather Service is estimating the Mermentau River will rise another 4.5 feet over flood stage. Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriffs are asking residents to heed the warning and evacuate.

After two days of rain, the Mermantau River has already covered this bridge that connects two parts of Castex Landing. Tony Bertrand lives a couple hundred feet from the bank, and is getting ready to evacuate.

"I'm gonna' leave 'cuz I got somewhere else to go," said Bertrand. "My baby brother lives right across here in the trailor. He done took his family and left. My mom and dad actually live further down. they're on high ground, but they can't cross this bridge, so they're stuck over there."

Other areas at risk in Jeff Davis Parish are Silver Wood, Morgan Shores and Lake Arthur. But anyone living in low lying areas along the banks of the Mermentau should consider evacuating.
"I hope it goes down enough before we get this batch of rain. And I hope it's not near as bad as this one. We don't need no more water," said Bertrand.

The National Weather Service issued the warning Thursday afternoon. Despite the Catfish Point Locks being open, they're still expecting the river to rise to 8.5 feet. That level hasn't been seen since 2004.

Part of Castex Landing is already cut off because of high water, making it hard for some residents to evacuate. The evacuations are not mandatory, but the question now isn't if the river will rise, but how fast.



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