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May 5, 2014 5:32 PM by Tina Macias

Officials release Bethany Arceneaux's account of kidnapping

Bethany Arceneaux told deputies she fought for her life during the days when her ex-boyfriend, Scott Thomas, held her captive in an abandoned house in Duson.

Her interview with Sheriff deputies was released today by the District Attorney's Office and obtained through a public records request. The following is a recap, according to Bethany's statements, of what happened following her kidnapping:

She tried to escape during the the ordeal, and at one point when Thomas allegedly held Bethany in an abandoned house, Bethany found a rod in the bathroom and swung it at Thomas' head.

"If I could just hit him in the head and knock him out and I could run .. But I think the thing was just old because it bounced clean off," Bethany said.

The rod did not injure Thomas, nor did another escape Bethany tried -- climbing out of the bathroom window. It just made him angry.

"So, I just kept tellin him, 'I'm sorry. I'm just scared. I'm scared, Scott!' Like, 'I'm scared! I don't want to die like this!' You know? 'I wanna raise my child!'" Bethany said.

"And then he kept saying that ... If he couldn't be with me, he was, you know, he didn't want me to be with nobody else."

The kidnapping
Deputies have said Bethany was kidnapped by her boyfriend, Scott Thomas, in November and missing for two days before a family search party found them in an abandoned home, and Bethany's cousin, Marcus, shot and killed Thomas. A grand jury has cleared Marcus of any wrongdoing in the shooting, siding with the District Attorney's opinion that it was a "justifiable homicide."

Bethany was picking up her son from Scott Thomas during a routine custody exchange when a minor argument led Thomas to snap and kidnap Bethany.

A good Samaritan took Bethany's son while Thomas sped off with her and drove to Duson. During the drive, Thomas, told Bethany that he had planned the kidnapping and had been "scopin' out these places."

Thomas abandoned his vehicle near an industrial tank and made Bethany jump a fence, walk through the woods and a canefield to get to the empty house. They were so close to the search that Bethany could see officers.

"We end up stayin' in the woods for a long time, until after the cops left," Bethany said.

'I'm not coming back'
They moved over to a house frame with a tin roof and stayed there until Thomas was sure the coast was clear. While they made their way through a sugarcane field, Thomas called his family and asked them to take care of his children. He also let Bethany call her sister.

"I had just told my sister to... just to... just to take care of (my son) because Scott was sayin' he was gonna kill us," Bethany said. Her sister asked when they were coming back and Bethany responded, "I'm not coming back."

Thomas told Bethany he hoped to make it to the highway, but on the way there, they found the abandoned house.

Thomas led Bethany through the house, found a mattress and that's where they stayed, with Bethany sleeping with a knife to her neck. They didn't talk, because Thomas was afraid police were still nearby.

"Like, when I would breathe, if I would breathe too loud, it's like he, he, he ... He was paranoid," Bethany said. "like he kept sayin' he, he, he was hearin' helicopters."

'I kept hollerin' Help! Help!'
They spent two days in that house, with only a gallon of water to drink and no food. Bethany drank, but Thomas did not.

Thomas became more paranoid during the second day when he heard 4-wheelers. Bethany said she did not hear her cousin, Marcus Arceneaux come in, but suspects Thomas did.

"All I felt was him cu-- like trying to slice my neck," Bethany said, "so I kept hollerin', 'Help! Help!' I didn't know who that came through the door."

Then she heard her cousin yell out for her and responded, 'I'm in here! Help me! Help me!'"

Click here for our report last week documenting the rescue.

After the rescue, Bethany was taken to the hospital. Her treatment included eight stitches in her neck, two stitches on the side of her chin and three puncture wounds to her head.



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