Feb 13, 2013 9:27 PM by Chris Welty

Notre Dame High Students Stranded at Sea

A group of Notre Dame parents in Crowley are set to leave in a few hours to pick up their children in Mobile, Alabama Thursday.

Despite the chaos, the students' parents know their kids are strong.

"Can you hear me momma, can you hear me? I want to come home! My wife was screaming, are you ok? Are you ok? And my daughter could not hear my wife. The phone went dead. Like I said, it's worse than anything and sickening we can't talk to her. It's been like that since Sunday."

Garret LeBlanc's 15-year-old daughter, hunter, and several of her friends are on board. It's a vacation that's been in the works for months. When the news broke, their parents thought it was only a minor situation.

"Oh my goodness, they have a fire in the engine room and then after, it was steadily progressing and getting worse," said Felicia Lyons.

Families haven't been able to communicate. Parents have been glued to reports hoping they would receive better insight as to what's happening.

"There's a lot of bad out there, but you know it's not all true, but plans change," said Keri Lucas.

Although, the girls have a chaperone, not knowing what's happening has been the hardest part.

"They're young, they are 15 years old and I'm worried about what they're thinking. We're not with them," said Lyons.

Despite how serious the situation is, Garret LeBlanc knows the girls will be fine, "They're probably taking over the ship, dancing and singing."

Carnival is compensating passengers, but these parents aren't sure about a next time.

"Only cruise my little girl is going on is to Cow Island, Pecan Island, or Holly Beach. Other than that, we're done," said LeBlanc.

Chris Welty


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