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Aug 12, 2013 6:26 PM by Chris Welty

Not Guilty Pleas Entered in Alleged Ticket Quota Scandal

Henderson Police Chief Leroy Guidry and those involved in an alleged ticket-quota scandal pleaded not guilty in court today.

Guidry is maintaining his innocence. He and Assistant Police Chief Mack Lloyd are accused of having officers illegally write tickets on the interstate in their town.

According to the District Attorney, since 2009, the two officers created a quota program that paid officers for the number of tickets they wrote. Since they were writing the tickets on the interstate, the state of Louisiana helped pay for enforcing the speed limit.

"We're completely innocent of those charges and we will continue to represent the people of Henderson as law enforcement," said Guidry.

They face charges of public payroll fraud, filing false public records and malfeasance in office.

"No crimes were committed by the Chief or the Assistant Chief. These gentlemen were just following their contract with the state of Louisiana, applying the law as they knew it and understood it in good faith, breaking no laws whatsoever," said Defense Attorney Warren Ashy.

State law says officers cannot receive financial reward for enforcing the law, but the police chief billed the state and the City of Henderson more than $189,000 for more than 12,000 tickets issued in 3 years.

"The police officers to make their overtime were told they were expected to fill the terms of that contract. They were not at any time being paid by the ticket," said Ashy.

Assistant District Attorney Chester Cedars is confident in the evidence in this case saying, "It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt in our judgment that these charges are supported by the facts and law which govern this case."

A tentative trial date is set for December 16th. Today, Cedars turned over copies of his files in this case to the defense.

Chris Welty


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