Aug 19, 2013 7:28 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Nina Rescue Crews Search Potential "Hot Spots

As rescue crews continue their search for a missing UL student and The Nina, new breakthroughs have unfolded.

With the help of everyday people at home, the search for Danielle Wright and others on the Nina is more focused on potential hot spots.

It's all thanks to technology and an on-line program called Tomnod. It allows users all over the world to click through satellite images of where rescue crews are searching for the Nina.

Last Friday one user in Acadiana found an object that's changed the course of the search.

"This is kind of shocking because you can see, you just see black and black and black...And suddenly this orange thing just kind of popped up," volunteer and Tomnod user Denice Skinner explains as she clicks through Tomnod satellite images.

Skinner stumbled upon an orange-looking object  last friday while on Tomnod. She immediately posted a picture of it to "Bringing Home The Nina's" Facebook page. The hope is, it's a raft, similar to one on board the Nina.

"Within five minutes we were asking other people in the group to, in the community they were looking, ya'll take a look and it just went viral after that amongst the group that oh my gosh it's really something," Skinner said.

In a matter of hours, Texas Equusearch was on the case. Since the picture was taken August 3rd, new grids and drift models were created of the Tasman sea to determine where the orange object could be.

"We need to find the raft again, we need to find it on August 7th, anything else that looks significant because that was several days ago. So were looking for anything from August 7th that can help in that search that can give them even more clues, more leads as they track," Skinner said.


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