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Aug 26, 2013 7:56 PM by Allison Bourne-Vanneck

Newly Released Documents Map Out Police Response To Acadia Homicide

New details have been released surrounding the homicide of Skylar Credeur in her Acadia Parish home.

Credeur's stepfather, Kerry Bertrand, 43, is a person of interest in this case. He was arrested on a charge of molestation and violating five protective orders. One of those orders was filed by the victim just days before she died.

KATC's investigative team filed a series of public information requests to the Acadia Parish Sheriff's office, the 9-1-1 district, and the coroner's office.

Acciording to one report, the Acadia Parish deputy who first arrived at140 Victor Road on Aug. 21 found Credeur's mother in a "frantic stage," stating that the suspect had killed her daughter and he was inside her home.

At that point, the deputy reports he began searching the house and found Credeur's body in a bathtub. The deputy checked for a pulse but said he could not find one.

A laptop was found in the water with Credeur, which led officials to believe it could have been an accidental death.

Deputies say they did have to physically remove family members from the home when they wouldn't leave at their request. Deputies searched the home, but did not find Bertrand.

Hours later, however, someone close to the family reported to the sheriff's office that they saw someone in the attic of Credeur's home. Deputies say that's where they found Bertrand.

The Acadia Sheriff's Office says the decision whether or not to charge Bertrand may take several days. However District Attorney Mike Harson says he is pursuing a murder one charge in the case.



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