Oct 15, 2010 6:44 PM by Melissa Hawkes

New Waste Water Facility in New Iberia

Work begins Monday on a new waste-water treatment facility in New Iberia. The 7-million dollar project has been in the making since the late 1990s.

Iberia Parish President Ernest Freyou said it is much-needed.

"We need it for the future of the Highway 90 corridor, " he said. " We need a place for that sewage to go and that's the place that it needs to go."

Two ponds will be built on the property adjacent to the Sugarena. After 800, 000 gallons of waste-water is filtrated through a chlorination system, it will be pumped into hundreds of acres of marshland.

Resident, Michael Manes, said "when the poop settles out of the water, they are gong to pump that water from the Sugarena into the adjoining property."

Manes says he doesn't want the facility anywhere near him or his family.

He explained, "they are going to spray between 300 thousand and one million and a half gallons of waste water everyday. Our concern is simple. Our main concern is health issues."

Freyou said, "its environmentally sound or I don't think the EPA or Wildlife and Fisheries would be letting those things be permitted if it wasn't environmentally sound."

Manes started a website www.dontpooponus.com. He's hoping more residents on the area will join him in the fight against the waste-water facility.

"I've been told by several parish council members that it's too late to stop the project, but I don't believe that's true," he said.

The facility will take about nine months to be completed.




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