Dec 19, 2013 9:35 AM by Kristen Holloway

New Regulations Makes it Easier for Veterans to Receive Health Care

The Department of Veterans Affairs approved new regulations making it easier for veterans to receive health care and compensation for certain illnesses that are linked to traumatic brain injury, like Parkinson Disease, Dementia, Depression, seizures and Hormone deficiency.

TBI is a blow or jolt to the head that disrupts the normal function of the brain. The severity of TBI is determined at the time of the injury and may be classified as mild, moderate or severe.

Here's how it works for veterans that qualify. Veteran Affairs will send Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans to a TBI clinic after they return from overseas. Doctors will determine if the TBI symptoms are military service related or not and the VA would grant a veterans claim based on the TBI findings.

"When you talk about the expansion of disabilities theses disabilities have already been taken care of by the VA for ages its just now naming and giving symptoms," said Dept. of Veteran Affairs Deputy Assist. Secretary Alfred Leger.

Currently veterans wait for almost a year and a half before seeing any compensation after the diagnoses but now veterans could receive help within in 90 days.

"It would be to the point where they're entitled to free medical and medicine, if somebody is taking quite a bit of medication for Parkinson, Dementia for Depression for whatever it is attached to this it could be quite a savings to them," said Leger.

The severity of the veterans condition will determine how much they get paid.

"The VA does this regularly, they still have a ton of things they're are researching but in this case they've come up with this because it is prevalent to todays Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran," said Leger.

This applies to all Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans. However you must file claims within 12 months of returning back to the states to meet the criteria. You can apply at any veterans affairs office.



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