Aug 15, 2014 8:14 AM by Elizabeth Hill

New machine can help manage stress, heal body

"Stress kills."

Scary, but true. Chiropractic wellness physician Dr. Paul Roger says the Magnesphere targets that stress.

"It uses electromagnetic frequencies that go throughout the entire body, it's an entire body therapy."

Betty Dingle had a heart attack in February and since has faced an increase in stress due to a move and home renovations.

"When I come here and get on it and leave everything is gone, I can start my day off fresh and do whatever it is I need to do."

"You wake up totally relaxed, it's like you've been somewhere you don't know where ya been."

Celeste Human has battled major hip problems due to arthritis since 2007.

"Pain all over, pins and needles in my feet, I was just messed up."

Thanks to extensive physical and chiropractic therapy, Human has greatly improved and says the Magnesphere has taken her recovery to another level. Roger says this machine can work for anyone.

"It doesn't cure anything, it doesn't really treat anything, but it allows the body to heal itself, the less stress our body feels the better it can heal."

There is only one Magnesphere in the state and it's right here in Lafayette at the Acadiana Spine and Health Institute.

For more information on the Magnesphere or the Acadiana Spine and Health Institute click here.



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