Oct 28, 2010 11:05 AM by Letitia Walker

New Lunch Rules for Lafayette Parish Schools

From LPSS: Due to changes in state law, the Lafayette Parish School System will be changing the way it
handles part of the school lunch program.
A law passed during the most recent session of the legislature created certain requirements for handling
students in grades preK through 8 whose parents have not paid for their lunch. In order to meet these new
rules, our School Food Service has set up a new procedure:
• Parents will be notified of their account balance weekly
• When the account is empty, students will be served a snack instead of a meal
• Parents will be notified again that the account is empty each time a snack is served
• After the student has been served a snack three times, we must now report the parent to the state
Department of Social Services, office of community services
LPSS will begin to enforce the new rules on November 3, 2010. Students will not be given a meal if they
have not paid; they will be given a snack instead.
It is important to note that families who meet the federal guidelines can get lunches free or at reduced prices.
All they have to do is fill out a meal benefits form. These rules apply to families who do not meet federal
guidelines for meal assistance only.
Since school started in August, more than 15,700 meals have been served to students who were sent to school
without lunch money. Before the school system instituted a "no charge" policy, students' unpaid meal bills
totaled more than $250,000 annually.
Parents can pay in advance by sending a check or money order to school, or online at
Parents also can send the student to school with lunch money each day, and of course parents are always
allowed to send a meal from home with their student.
Parents with questions about this new policy can contact our Child Nutrition Services office by calling
521.7375, or by visiting their office at 101 Evans Lane.


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