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Feb 6, 2014 10:09 PM by Press Release

New Lightning Protection Guidelines

Baton Rouge, LA - The Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office in cooperation with the National Association of Fire Marshals urges all property owners with buildings and homes constructed after 1989 with yellow CSST installed, to have the tubing checked for proper bonding and grounding. All are encouraged to have these systems checked by a qualified and licensed electrician.

Yellow CSST is a flexible metal gas tubing used in many homes and buildings since 1989. It is used to supply natural gas or propane to furnaces, water heaters and/or other gas appliances. (See attached photos). Do not confuse yellow CSST with the flexible gas appliance connectors used in many homes.

Direct or indirect lightning strikes on or near a structure have been shown to cause an electrical surge to travel into the structure and have in some cases caused a perforation in the sidewall of the tubing as the energy arcs from one metallic system to another seeking ground. The gas leaking from the perforation can ignite and may cause a significant fire.

Equipotential bonding of metallic systems in a structure reduces the likelihood of electrical arcing between those systems, and the chances that the CSST may be damaged. Therefore, since 2007, new or modified installations of yellow CSST have been required to meet the revised specifications for bonding and grounding as stated either in the manufacturer's installation requirements, or the 2009 NFPA-54 National Fuel Gas Code (sec. 7.13.2).

Homeowners and property owners who have yellow CSST installed in their homes are encouraged to determine if the system has been bonded up to current requirements. A licensed electrical contractor should be contacted to make the correct determination on proper bonding of the system. It is suggested that the consumer consider all of the qualifications of the contractor before selecting a company to perform a safety check of your system.

Although previous installations of yellow CSST may have been installed in compliance with code requirements at the time of their installation, it is recommended these systems be checked for proper bonding to meet the current state building codes and/or manufacturer's installation instructions.



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