Jun 10, 2013 6:52 PM by Alex Labat

New Iberia Budget Cuts Might Drain Parks and Rec Department

It's a warm, sunny day at City Park in New Iberia, a summer cool down spot, and a great way to beat the heat...at least for now.
"We only have one swimming pool open, we will not have the mayor's after school program next year, and we may have to limit the hours that the parks are open", says Hilda Curry, Mayor of New Iberia.
With the city facing a new round of budget shortfalls, she says the department of Parks and Recreation will be the first to see cuts.
It doesn't necessarily mean the pool will be shut down, but hours and classes could be restricted.
Mayor Curry says, "It's unfortunate that over the years, our revenues have not kept up with our expenses."

Without the tax, the city is facing two million dollars in cuts, which need to be drained from somewhere,
Not everyone agrees "Parks and Rec" should be the first to feel the heat.
"I think it's a sin and a sham that we have to cut back on Park and Recreation in any way when we got high paid administrative people", says New Iberia Councilwoman Peggy Gerac.

Budget cuts aren't exactly poolside conversation, but some are worried what could be on the line.
Marlon Lewis, a resident, says, "I'm actually from the Westend where the pool was shut down. For me, swimming is a survival skill and a life skill. I also understand they teach them other fun things like Tennis. What is our city going to do if our kids don't have anything to do?"



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