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New Hope: 7 Crew Members, 75 Days Lost at Sea

Seven crew members, 75 days lost at sea and one Acadiana family desperate to bring their daughter home.

"It's been rough and everyday, every hour, every minute could mean the difference between life and death for someone on that boat," said Robin Wright.

Thousand of miles away the search for Danielle Wright and the Nina is intensifying with some help from Acadiana. Technology also played a role. By using a website called, users anywhere can log on and review satellite images from off the coast of Australia. It's there where the Nina and its crew disappeared at the beginning of June.

Until now there's been no sign of them, but last Friday one user in Acadiana found something that is giving the search effort renewed hope. The Wrights are thinking this could be the first sighting of a life raft from the Nina, and it's the most promising sign the family's had yet. The image was captured on August 3rd, so now the volunteers are looking at drift patterns and currents, in hopes they can find the object in that satellite image.

"We're staying very busy. We're doing everything we know how to bring Danielle home," said her mother Robin Wright.

It's an orange spot in the Tasman Sea that's giving the Wright family hope.

"It will have some devices to catch rain water and fishing string and hooks and things like that for survival," said Danielle's father, Ricky Wright.

"But it's cold. Do they have blankets? You know, I'm a mom so I'm thinking all those things through. How do you sleep? How do you cut up stinky fish on a life raft?," said Robin. "I think all those things through in the middle of the night. I just know I want to rescue them now."

The images have changed the search area. It's now 300 miles northeast from the original search area. An area nearly the size of Texas. At this rate it will take nearly 50 days to search.

"It would cost over a million dollars to search that whole area," said Ricky.

Texas Eqqusearch is helping in the private search after the New Zealand government called off it's search weeks ago. The Wrights are hoping political pressure could change that. And that's where the Acadiana Congressional Delegation comes in.

"We're going to stay on top of this. The U.S. Government is working in tandem with the New Zealand government and, you know, if we feel like they're not following through, the way it should be followed through, then of course we will apply more pressure," said Congressman Dr. Charles Boustany.

"I'm sure they're feeling pretty hopeless out there," said Robin. "They don't see any planes. They don't know if we're looking for them or not. So hang in there."

Monday's search turned up nothing, but crews will be back out Tuesday.

If you are interested in helping bring home the Nina and her crew there are several ways to do so:

*Get the word out through social media

* search through satellite images


All Home Bank locations ACCT#2059321602 (Make payable to Robin Wright)

Sunbelt Business Brokers, 2701 Johnston Street, Suite 300, Lafayette, LA

Community Foundation of Acadiana, 1035 Camellia Blvd, Lafayette, LA

Texas Equusearch online at, must add special instruction to the seller - Nina Search Fund


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