Dec 15, 2010 7:58 PM by Shawn Kline

New Developments on Orthodontist's death

UPDATE: Coroner's Preliminary Report released on the death of Iberia Parish Orthodontist Dr. Robert Chastant.
Coroner Dr. Carl Ditch says the death was caused by multiple blunt force trauma to the head and neck. He's ruled the death a homicide.
The full report won't be complete for a few weeks and tests are being done to figure out exactly what weapon was used.
"You're never satisfied in a homicide case unless you really have the whole package tied up and the District Attorney ready to prosecute with no loose ends." Iberia Parish Sheriff Louis Ackal says, "if there are any loose ends, that's what we're looking for right now."
The sheriff's office still pouring over these "loose ends." Evidence linked to the murder of Doctor Robert Chastant...
Sheriff Louis Ackal says one person has already been arrested for the crime; 21-year-old Ismael Viera.
"The story he gave," Ackal says, "it just wasn't there."
Chastant hired Viera and his wife to help manage a property in New Iberia.
The Sheriffs Office says both Viera and his wife are from Mexico.
"Neither of them are legal citizens or have any legal documentation to be in the United States," Ackal said.
Deputies first saw Viera on surveillance tape at a New Iberia Wal-Mart, leaving Dr. Chastant's vehicle in the parking lot on Monday morning.
Ackal now says they're looking at everything, including prior incidents involving Dr. Chastant and his employees.
For example:
"He had a problem at one time with this rent house on Caroline Street where the individual wasn't doing his job." Ackal says, "he got fired and the guy went back in the house and stole an air conditioner and broke some sheet rock on the walls."
Ackal says Chastant's death is still under investigation and he's treating everyone as another possible suspect.
"It's these things that we look at." Ackal says, "the where's so and so and how does he fit into this picture and so fourth." Ackal continued, "these are the loose ends that we need to tie up before we go forward."
Loose ends the Sheriff's Office needs to cover before going to trial.
As for a possible motive, the Sheriff's Department believes it all started with a disagreement.
The Sheriff says his investigation reveals Chastant and Viera got into an argument about Viera not putting the tools back in the proper place.


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