Jan 7, 2014 5:09 PM by Tina Macias

New details about suicidal man killed in officer-involved shooting

A KATC Investigation has uncovered new details about an officer-involved shooting that left 34-year-old Harold Bastin dead in July. We've obtained documents that show a suicidal man prepared to be killed by police.

A Grand Jury cleared a Lafayette Police officer of any wrong-doing in that shooting last month. The officer, armed with a semi-automatic assault rifle, shot Bastin once after Bastin allegedly pointed a gun at the officers, according to court documents. Bastin died of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Bastin had recently moved to Lafayette for a work transfer and received a pay cut. Along with financial and family issues, the documents show he suffered from bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder following a car accident.

According to the investigation, a few hours before officers arrived at his home, Bastin began calling and texting his estranged wife, asking her why she had left with the kids. She allegedly told him to pack his things and leave, and he responded by texting her a photo of a rifle in his lap and writing, "if you want me gone it means gone forever."

The documents go on to say Bastin asked the woman to call the cops and wrote, "I am not leaving alive, so call em do not wait cause I am not changing my mind when they come I have my gun and I will make them kill me ... I will be waiting for the cops to come and kill me. ... Do not send anyone but the cops or they will get fired at so the cops come."

His wife does not respond, and his last messages read: "I hear sirens does that mean it almost over. ... My life sucks I am glad it is about to be over they are here."

When police arrived, Bastin was found behind a locked gate inside a courtyard, carrying a gun. Officers pleaded with Bastin to not kill himself, but Bastin allegedly told them, "There's nothing y'all can do," "Y'all gonna have to kill me," and "Y'all are going to have to shoot me in the head," according to documents.

A group of the officers tried to gain access to Bastin through the backyard. But, the investigation reveals that when he spotted them, Bastin raised his gun, at which time an officer in the group tased him and another officer fired his semi-automatic rifle, killing Bastin.



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