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Feb 27, 2013 7:09 PM by Chris Welty

New Clues Offers New Hope for Lemoine's Family

A St. Mary Parish family is searching for answers and hopes new clues will surface in the death of their loved one.

The family hopes publicity will jog someone's memory about the night their loved one died.

60-year-old Glenn Lemoine of Patterson disappeared in 2010 after a late night at the casino in Charenton. His body was found two days later in the Charenton Canal. Initially, the death was ruled a drowning, but after further examination, the cause of death remains unknown.

The Lemoine family is going to extremes to find out what happened. They think the autopsy was rushed and they want solid answers as to what happened to their father more than two years ago.

"We want to know, this was our father."

Glenn Lemoine's family is continuing to search for new clues. They maintain their father's death was not an accident.

"To find your dad in a canal and his death is undetermined, you want to know. That's something you always have on your mind," said Lemoine's daughter Amy Perkins.

Lemoine's family exhumed his body several weeks ago for a second autopsy, this time by a forensic pathologist in Alabama. Testing is still underway, but a preliminary report shows he suffered some sort of trauma.

"It's been a scary road and everything seems like it's gone wrong," said Denise Bailey.

Glenn Lemoine left behind eleven children, for them a wooden cross, on Highway 90, near where his body was found, is a constant reminder of his life and their quest for answers.

"Please come forward if you know anything. we go to bed every night wondering what happened to our father and who would do something so gruesome to a man," said Perkins.

The Lemoine family has hired private investigator John Abdella to work the case. They're offering a ten-thousand-dollar reward for information and ask if you have any details, call Abdella at 337-235-0270.

Chris Welty



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