Jul 5, 2011 1:06 AM by Jim Hummel

Neighborhoods Divided Over Annexation

A proposal by Lafayette Consolidated Government to annex an unincorporated area of the parish is raising some eyebrows.  Tuesday night the City-Parish Council will consider an introductory ordinance to annex land mainly consisting of two subdivisions between Lafayette and Broussard: Walker's Lake and Hernandez Heights.  

"We would hope that the consolidated government would respect the wishes of we Hernandez Heights residents and cease and desist from the acquisition process," said Errol Robichaux, a Hernandez Heights resident, who held a small neighborhood gathering Monday to protest the ordinance.  

Of the 37 homes in the Hernandez Heights subdivision, 26 families have signed a petition opposing the ordinance, which was overwhelmingly supported in the nearby Walker's Lake subdivision.  Members with the Walker's Lake homeowners association tell KATC a majority of their 247 families support annexation, which likely gave LCG the numbers needed to pursue annexation.  The laws of annexation are rather complex but among the requirements is approval from a majority of the registered voters and resident property owners in the area.

"I've got no problem with it, it's going to help us with recycling and it will help bring in LUS Fiber," said Walker's Lake resident Trey Carmichael.  

Meantime an LCG internal memo from the Planning and Zoning Commission dated June 21st, showed that LCG was not aware of any opposition to the ordinance, something residents from Hernandez Heights plan to change at Tuesday night's council meeting.  The memo also showed that the ordinance was submitted without required recommendation from the Zoning Commission, in order to be considered as an introductory ordinance at Tuesday's council meeting.  The Zoning Commission will meet July 11th to discuss the ordinance, and issue a report to the council shortly thereafter.  The council could consider final adoption of the ordinance July 19th.  


Jim Hummel


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