Oct 7, 2010 8:12 PM by Shawn Kline

Neighborhood reacts to dashcam tasing video

For the first time, some Marigny Circle residents see the video that deputies say shows what really happened to Javon Rakestrau.
Some question the length of time that the deputy used the electronic control device while others questioned the need for a taser, at all.
One Marigny resident was watching the video and shouted in anger, "he surrendered that was uncalled for!"
Those who knew Javon Rakestrau felt the dashcam video showed the officer using excessive force.
"He didn't have no gun, no knife, no mace," another resident said. "He didn't have no reason to do that."
KATC asked neighborhood resident Patrick Nichols if he thought Rakestrau resisted arrest, he said yes- but he blames fear of law enforcement.
"People don't resist because they just doing something wrong," Nichols said. "People resist because they're scared of these (deputies)."
Scared of the people who say are there to protect them.


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